The MOTOmed Letto2 Arm and Leg Bike will be used exclusively in the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) at Southampton General Hospital for cardiac surgical and cardiological patients to provide passive and active upper and lower limb exercises for both unconscious and conscious patients in bed or sitting out.

Critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) become de-conditioned with muscle wasting whilst sedated, resulting in increased length of stay. This also causes poor performance and prolonged rehabilitation.

Research has shown that incorporating an Early Mobilisation Programme (EMP)within the first 2-5 days in intensive care significantly helps reduce muscle wasting. EMP therefore, serves as a powerful psychological motivator and shortens intensive care and hospital stay.

The benefits of the MOTOmed Letto2 Arm and Leg Bike can be seen here

Aside from the personal impact on the patients' wellbeing and recovery, there is a financial saving too. Depending on the patients' needs, a day saved in CICU saves between £800 and £1800 per patient and shortening the recovery time after cardiac surgery will contribute to patient flow.