We are building a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose Wessex 'Heartbeat Healthy Living Centre' for prevention, prehabilitation (fit4surgery) and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease. A 3000sqft building with an education block on top with consultation and meeting rooms, a professional kitchen, gymnasium, changing rooms, cafe and offices.

When a cardiac patient has been admitted to hospital, after they are discharged they are given rehabilitation treatment in a gymnasium for 6 weeks.  After this period the patient is effectively left on their own to manage their own health.

The 'Heartbeat Healthy Living Centre' (HHLC) will be there for as long as the patient needs help, enhancing the same techniques as in their 6-week initial period but with the addition of access to fitness, nutrition and wellbeing professionals.

We will deliver education around dietary habits, nutrition and address the emotional and behavioural factors following a cardiac episode to increase the chances of a successful recovery and assist in the education of patients to make important yet subtle lifestyle changes.

Studies have shown that prehabilitation has the effect to minimise post-operative morbidity in cardiac patients and has shown to accelerate post-surgical recovery. This means effectively freeing up vital bed space in hospital and massively reducing costs to the NHS.

As there is a reported low uptake on cardiac rehabilitation across the Wessex region, Wessex Heartbeat is in a good position to understand the needs of the cardiac community.  We also feel we need to target the specific needs of our local patients.

We need to take into consideration the levels of ethnic diversity and areas of deprivation and especially around the needs of the female population, as less woman seem to take up cardiac rehabilitation following a cardiac episode.

The 'Heartbeat Healthy Living Centre' will also be a centre for progressive clinical research and funding research in psychological health following cardiac surgery and cardiology emergencies.

Although the aims of the centre will be to work across all aspects of cardiovascular disease, we will also be working closely with other sectors that will benefit from this centre, especially those living with Long Covid

John Munro - CEO

Wessex Heartbeat will be working within the Exercise Referral Scheme (Social Prescribing) in which patients living with or are considered at high risk of heart disease will be referred to the Centre by the hospital or GP.