Week 1 of your 12 week challenge tips!

Kick start your 12 week challenge with these simple tips! Read more

Watch your portion sizes!

How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. The truth is if we eat the right foods, we shouldn’t have the need to calorie count, but it isn’t ever that easy, so by having larger portions you must be mindful of the calorie content! Read more

Eat more fruit & veg!

Now we want you to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet, for some that may not change a lot and for others it may be the start. Read more

Your bank holiday tips!

WooHoo, Bank holiday Weekend, time with our family, friends, get shopping done, watch some sport, relax, and unfortunately, it’s the usual time we tend to over indulge! During the 12 weeks challenge we hope that we can show that you can still over indulge, and still add heart health benefits. Read more

Week 3 - Add one 15/20-minute training session!

This week you are to add in in one 10/20-minute training session, if you have already joined in with our Facebook exercises, or already do some exercise then just add one more 10/20-minute session Read more

Mental Health Awareness Week

Our Healthy Heat challenge encourages you to exercise, eat healthy, and getting plenty of sleep, these are key practices you need to do to take care of yourself. We also are trying to show how to make time to manage your stress, so you can operate more efficiently. Read more

Your Week 7 Challenge! (And making your own bread!)

Behavioural change within the challenge is an important factor in how we can look at our diet, nutritional needs and fitness. Therefore, it’s also important at times to understand where we are in life and what we view as important against what really is important. Read more

Get your 5-a-day!

Research proves that fruit and vegetables can protect us from a range of illnesses, including heart disease, in fact some amazing research around vegan diets has shown dramatic changes in blood pressure, cholesterol and overall progression of heart disease. Read more

Week 9 - Forget the calories and try veggie!

Week 9 is on us already, and some of the feedback has been fabulous and some of you are really starting to notice the changes, very soon you will be having your bloods redone and then we can really see where these positive changes have been made. Read more

Week 10 - Revisiting Demartini!

Following on from Monday’s challenge for the week, which hopefully you can compare to your earlier attempts at the Demartini written exercise and see if you are making any behavioural changes. Read more

Week 12 - Sleep keeps your heart healthy!

As we approach the final week of the challenge, lets talk about the benefits sleep can give our heart health, as well as briefly revisit our first week's challenge. Read more