Beat it

Kathleen Hughes

Supporting your 3D Heart Modelling campaign

Wessex Heartbeat Skydive

Andrea Todd

To raise awareness for the charity

Tandem Skydive

Sam Brown

Selene's Skydive Fundraiser

Selene Montes

Wessex Heartbeat is an excellent organisation that has been taking care of the Cardiac patients and their families through the years, supporting them and making their lives easier in the most difficult times.

Skydiving in memory of my loving father

Lisa Tollefsen Jones

My Dad passed away from heart disease so I will be taking part in a charity skydive, to raise funds for Wessex Heartbeat

2.4 mile swim, 112mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run all in less than 15 hours.

richard lewis

working in Southampton general hospital I see all of the good work being done by Heartbeat. Cardiac surgery @UHS is particular close to my wife as you supported her brother through his cardiac surgery.