Wessex Heartbeat Christmas Cards - 2018 selection
With Christmas almost upon us, it is important to let people know you are thinking about them during this special period. Wessex Heartbeat are once again glad to announce our 2018 collection of Christmas Cards which are available to order now. 

Similar to other years, we have a total selection of six different cards, all sold in packs of 10. A pack of 10 (including envelopes) will cost just £3.50, with an additional postage charge of £3. Each card comes with a message saying "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year", and you can buy as many as you like. 

Here is the list of this years Christmas Cards. Click the picture of the card to continue to the next page to order.

Alternatively you can call us on 023 8070 6095 and pay over the phone if this is more convenient, or email us at info@heartbeat.org.uk to receive an Order Form.

Christmas Eve Visit

View of the Christmas Tree

Woodland Wildlife

Christmas Robins

Bright Kings

A Christmas Village