Wessex Heartbeat Vital Projects

Help us raise £800,000 for four vital projects


This lounge will make significant improvements in patient treatment and how they experience cardiac procedures.

For cardiac patients requiring a procedure called angioplasty, at the leading edge of the practice is a new technique carried out through the wrist instead of the groin. 
This procedure normally allows patients to go home the same day (avoiding an overnight stay in hospital) and for most people it is safer and less traumatic. The key to its introduction in Southampton is provision of the urgently needed Cardiac Day Case Lounge, which Wessex Heartbeat intend on funding.

The planned lounge, designed with lounge chairs rather than beds, will provide a relaxing and less stressful environment for patients, both before their procedures and while they recover. Emphasis will be placed on achieving a cafe atmosphere with tea or coffee and wireless internet services available to patients as they wait to go home.

£375,000 a major Autumn campaign
Heart failure is often a hidden condition difficult to diagnose, yet it can have devastating effects on sufferers.

The Wessex Cardiac Centre is determined to work to transform the lives of people with heart failure through ensuring early and accurate diagnosis. Aiming to put in place a purpose-built acute Heart Failure Unit, and in time a comprehensive and improved heart failure service within the community. 

This is a significant project which will be the centre of a major campaign led by Wessex Heartbeat in the autumn of 2017.

£200,000 for 3 years support
Research and education will help young people to a healthier future.

Wessex Heartbeat has committed to support the funding of LifeLab based at the University Hospital Southampton.

LifeLab carries out research into how nutrition can improve health across life, and how to engage teenagers with the science underpinning health issues, as well as helping young people to make positive changes to break the cycles of unhealthy behaviour. 

Thousands of children from schools across Hampshire have already taken part in this ground-breaking project.

£100,000 to launch this project
Prevention and rehabilitation are opposite sides of the coin, but with the provision of a Heartbeat Health Suite and outreach education, Wessex Heartbeat can support both.

Activities within the planned Health Suite will include a specially designed gym for "at risk" people and those recovering from heart attacks and surgery. 

It will host healthy heart education classes; one to one counselling, information and advice - the latter also featuring across social media channels. The facility will be complimented by outreach work with companies through Wessex Heartbeat's "Healthy Heart" initiative and the work undertaken with young people through LifeLab.

All services offered by Heartbeat Health suite will be a free service to all Cardiac patients.

If you are interested in donating towards any of these projects, please give us a call on 023 8070 6095 or email callum@heartbeat.org.uk