The benefits of fundraising are not all one way. Knowing I am helping improve care for people less fortunate than me gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I like the fact that I am giving something back, and that’s important to how I feel

If we want to we can all do something

We cannot do anything without our supporters – they are our most important asset. The more supporters we have the more good we can do. Whichever way you choose to help, be assured you will make a difference. Every single supporter is important to us and every penny counts.

If Wessex Heartbeat is a Charity that touches your heart we need you.

Why not get involved by...


  • Run an Event
  • Support a Wessex Heartbeat Event
  • Take up a sponsored challenge
  • Volunteer
  • Do something small to help
  • Sponsor an event or give something in kind

Getting your School/College/Club on board

If you belong to any of these can you get it to do something to help?


At Wessex Heartbeat we don’t believe in giving away the money you’ve raised in free pens, badges or other gimmicks.

We do believe it’s important for people to learn about and support the Charity through what you are doing to help. To this end we can give you:

  • Fundraising materials such as leaflets, banners and collecting tins
  • Wessex Heartbeat t-shirts and running vests
  • The chance for some publicity for your fundraising
  • Thank You Certificates showing just how much you have done