Wessex Heartbeat 280 Club - The heart is the most important muscle in the human body, it works 24 hours a day. It keeps us aive by pumping oxygen rich blood to the whole body. The 280 club represents the 280ml of blood that all 4 chambers a normal heart holds. The heart also pumps about 280 Litres of blood an hour!

Your support in the 280 club will help us ensure we look after those whose hearts need some care and attention. Therfore, we are inviting you to become part of an exclusive club, the 280 club, where we would like our members to pledge to raise £280 over a year. 

The plege works out at just over £23 a month, and this money can make a huge difference to the support we give thousands of people who need out services every day. 
If you would prefer to fundraise the money you can do so easily by clicking here! Just select The 280 Club as the appeal and you are set! - This way you can have some fun throughout the year whilst fundraising and maybe even beat the pledge target!