Maintain you water intake and 3 lunchtime walks.

This week you are to add in in one 10/20-minute training session, if you have already joined in with our Facebook exercises, or already do some exercise then just add one more 10/20-minute session. As the weeks go on, add one more until you are doing this 3 times per week.

Resistance training has many benefits, it will improve the strength in your joints, and tendons. Also, if you are working most muscle groups your heart will have to pump blood to all areas of your body.

These exercises are for all abilities and you only do what you can do in each 30 second set. Last year one lady said that she could only do 5 sit-ups and couldn't do a proper press up when she started, but by the end of the 12 week challenge she was doing over 25 sit ups and 15 press ups in 30 seconds.

Week 3 Top Tip

This week I will hopefully be able to add some tips towards your training requirements, obviously Brightside PT are the go-to guys for the best information on this, so make sure you are visiting the Facebook page every day and keep us updated on your progress.

The first three weeks, especially for all of you that are new to these types of changes, will have ‘readied’ your body to start adding exercise.

It is again all about moderation, don’t go full out and make yourself sore, which will not only limit what you can do at your next session, but will more likely make you miss your next one.

When I started again, I thought I could do what I used to do over 20 years ago, huge mistake, I couldn’t, so it is slowly, slowly to start with and build up your cardio vascular fitness and strength.

Brightside PT designed a short but effective training schedule for me that took initially 10 minutes and could be done anywhere, which I have, at home, at work, even on the beach while walking my dog, the dog thinks I’m quite weird anyway!