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Guernsey Friends of Heartbeat

Wessex Heartbeat provide many services to patient’s families who come from Guernsey and we are sure many of you on the island will be aware of us and our support in the community. In 2019, 298 families from Guernsey, stayed in our 25 bedroom, home from home, Heartbeat House which acts as a safe haven to those who need it, when their loved ones are being treated at the Wessex Cardiac Centre. 

We have built up a good relationship with our friends on Guernsey, therefore, we are delighted to announce we will be setting up a new group on the Island called Guernsey Friends of Heartbeat. This would help us to continue building new relationships with new friends that not only support us, but can spread the word of the work we do. This will also raise the awareness of the services we can offer, and provide, to many islanders on Guernsey.

WHB Movie Quiz Questions

This is where each movie still for the Wessex Heartbeat Movie Quiz will be shown every day for 21 days! If you miss one, don't worry, they will be here for a while after the competition ends, but make sure all of your answers are submitted by the end of the competition.

The quiz is running from April 6th to April 27th. For more information on registering for the competition then click here.


Healthy Heart 12 Week Challenge

This is your private blog where Wessex Heartbeat CEO, John Munro and BrightsidePT Owner, Paul Laslett; will be offering their invaluable tips to motivating yourself along these 12 weeks, as well as hints and tips at managing a healthier lifestyle.

Patient Stories

Sometimes it can put your mind at ease to read about the stories and experiences from patients or families that have been affected by Wessex Heartbeat's work. Whether told by us, or directly from the patient's heart; it is vital that these stories are shared and their experiences remembered. 

If you have experienced Wessex Heartbeat's work as a patient at the Wessex Cardiac Centre, or as a family staying at Heartbeat House; please feel free to share your stories, experiences and pictures by submitting your own story!

Fundraiser stories

Wessex Heartbeat would not be able to deliver the calibre of work that we do without our Fundraisers. Not only do we reap the wonderful benefits of somebody's hardwork and generosity to a cause close to their heart; we also get to see all of the incredible stories that accompany these journeys.

Whether it is a detailed account of a trek amongst the Sahara Desert, or just a brief summary of sponsored run that you did; we want to hear everyone's stories and experiences with fundraising. Your words could inspire somebody to jump out of a plane or run a marathon - submit your fundraising stories here!

If you have been inspired by these stories to start fundraising for Wessex Heartbeat - create your fundraising page here!