Guernsey Press Feature - Part 1 (Heartbeat House)

Reporter Zoe Fitch and photographer Sophie Rabey flew to Southampton to see at first hand the work of the charity Wessex Heartbeat. Read the full article here. Read more

Guernsey Press Feature - Part 2 (Families)

Reporter Zoe Fitch and photographer Sophie Rabey met some people for whom Heartbeat House has been a home from home. Read more

Wessex Heartbeat Reps Hold Open House for Guernsey Friends

Wessex Heartbeat's open house welcomed new faces and old alike as conversations centred around bringing attention to Guernsey. Read more

"Heartbeat House was a Godsend"

Yves Le Marquand spoke to Guernsey locals who have stayed at Heartbeat House and who are now passionate supporters. Read more

Tinas on Tour!

Tina Hawke and Tina Richardson of Wessex Heartbeat, head to Guernsey to talk to the Islanders about the charity and its work. Read more

Guernsey Press wins award for coverage of Wessex Heartbeat

The Guernsey Press have been given a well deserved award, to recognise their fantastic work in covering Wessex Heartbeat and Heartbeat House. Read more