'Fifty Days of Lockdown' tells a story of hope and documents how one family made the most out of one of the most unprecedented times that many of us will ever have to live through.

Not only are the Ind family some of our most treasured supporters, here at Wessex Heatbeat, but they are also some of the most inspirational people that you will likely meet.

Mark Ind's son Alex, has lived with very complicated cardiac defects all his life. His passion and determination has left everybody in awe at his bravery to fight anything that is thrown his way. Last year Alex received his most recent open heart surgery, where he also contracted sepsis and had a mini stroke. Just a year on, and Alex completed a 10k run for Wessex Heartbeat, raising £3,000 with his efforts.

Alex's condition, but also his incredible determination, has driven Mark to be one of the major forces behind getting the YACU (Young Adult's Cardiac Unit) built at the Wessex Cardiac Centre, not even mentioning the countless other times we have received the family's support, with fundraising from them all totalling well over £100,000.

With the Lockdown effecting us all in different ways, Mark Ind decided to start a journal of the personal experiences and obstacles that his family faced during these unprecedented times. This journal inspired 50 Days of Lockdown, which is an intriguing book full of that unique Ind family spark of hope, that we have all come to cherish and adore. With all the shared despair, sadness and uncertainty that the virus has created, it is something that people can enjoy and relate too. 

You will be able to get an intimate look into Alex's journey and his unbelievable bravery, as well as the heartwarming and at times "mildy amusing" family journey through Lockdown.

50 Days of Lockdown is available to order now, with a percentage of every book sale going to Wessex Heartbeat.