At Wessex Heartbeat, our success has been built on the fact that we are committed to always taking the charity to a greater level of service for everyone in our community. Whether that is through support of the Cardiac Centre or through Prevention, Education, Research or Rehabilitation. 

Wessex Heartbeat is now starting to position itself at the forefront of some of the biggest advances in heat care, from a first-class Heart Failure Unit, funding cardiac simulation technologies, supporting a project in the development of a simple blood test that can predict a heart attack, and being a partner in the development of 3D Modelling for Complex Congenital Heart Disease. The most exciting thing about these are, they are in our community for our families and our own benefit.

Therefore our "Have a Heart" Campaign is to support the costs of these ongoing, unique and leading-edge projects; and will also offer our supporters the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the support of Wessex Heartbeat.

Our Donor Wall

The idea of our donor wall is to achieve a recognition display that reflects our culture, vision and values. It will also celebrate those whose efforts have helped to further our mission, goals and accomplisments. This also allows your support and generosity to be recognised, by having your own "Heart" displayed at Heartbeat House for everyone to see, especially our patients and their families.

If you are interested in pledging to this campaign and having your very own heart on display - then please visit the Have a Heart section of our shop to find out more.