In April 2018, Wessex Heartbeat and Brightside PT launched a “pilot” to bring you a 12-week challenge to help improve the heart health of our communities across the Wessex Region. We signed up 65 challengers with ages ranging from 19-73; and the results combined in a total of 168lbs in weight lost, with reductions in cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressures recorded.

Following this fantastic success, we are going to run our 12-week challenge again in April 2019 and want as many of you to take up this fabulous way to improve your heart health.

What is the Healthy Heart Challenge?

Despite great advancements, heart disease is still the biggest killer in the UK; and whilst Wessex Heartbeat have been able to support the Wessex Cardiac Centre over the past 26 years, helping shape it into the world class facility it is today, we want to stop people from having to use it altogether.

It can be very difficult, especially in todays social climate, to know what is right to eat and drink; and what kind of lifestyles are best for our health. We believe that the best way to combat this confusion is to instead look at making very small and achievable changes to your lifestyle, thinking about things you shouldn’t do, rather than the thousands of different and often contradictory things we are told we should do.

With the assistance and fitness knowledge of Brightside PT, combined with the clinical knowledge and healthy heart checks that our cardiac nurses will carry out for you; this really is a unique challenge that is accessible by absolutely anybody and the 12 week period, allows you to see the results yourself.

Is this right for me?

The challenge is for everybody, at any and all level of fitness and health. We want to help you make a subtle change to your everyday routine, so that the challenge will become your new norm.

This isn’t about being able to put on fitness gear and running a marathon; it’s about simple and easily managed changes that absolutely anybody can do. We want to offer you the support to motivate and inspire you, even if you lack that “spark” that stops you from taking part in the generic diet fads and exercise regimes.

What are you waiting for?

Done at your own pace, we will give you some of the best nutritional and fitness advice thanks to our partnership with Brightside PT; and we can assure you that at the end of the 12 weeks, not only will your heart health of improved, but you will have created the foundation to go on and live a better and healthier life.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now for our 2019 12 Week Challenge! Open all through March.