At Wessex Heartbeat we believe that getting involved with the community around you is a wonderful way to meet new people, make new friends and help make a positive difference to your surroundings.

We also understand the difficulty in being inspired to do something for a cause, without the influence of taking part in a challenge event and asking for sponsorship.

This is why we have introduced our new initiative – The 280 Club.

Raise funds and connect your community

We want to inspire people to set themselves a target, to not only help raise funds for your local heart charity, but also to connect more with the people around you. Fundraising shouldn’t be restricted to sponsorship for events, or one-off cake sales and tin collections; it should be a personal endeavour that allows you to explore your own community and the people that are within it.

Why 280?

The heart is the most important muscle in the human body, it works 24 hours a day. It keeps us alive by pumping oxygen rich blood to the whole body. The 280 club represents the 280ml of blood that all 4 chambers of a normal heart holds, as well as the 280 litres of blood that the heart pumps per hour.

So not only is 280 a special number in relation to your heart, but also should be a perfect target to inspire you to connect with your community, whether that be your friends and family; or whether you will go out and connect with your neighbourhood or town, to bring everyone together.

Challenge yourself!

We firmly believe that everybody should challenge themselves to do more for the people around you – and fundraising in your community is a perfect way to do that. We want to move away from the stigma of only fundraising for event sponsorship and help inspire you to do more in your community, for your community.

Your support in the 280 club will help us ensure that we look after those whose hearts need some care. Therefore, we invite you to become a part of our exclusive club, where we would ask our members to pledge to raise £280 over a year. If you manage to raise the money over the year, you will become a member of the club, and receive a unique pin and certificate, as a congratulations for challenging yourself and connecting with those around you.

Nowadays its easier than ever to create your very own fundraising page for your supporters to help support you.

Not only can you create your page right here, but we will support you along every step too – with constant availability for advice, questions or fundraising materials. We are so proud of everyone who puts it upon themselves to raise money for their local causes, that we would be more than happy to shout about you on our Social Media and Website, as well as newsletters and bulletins – to help spread the news of your work.

Click here to set up your fundraising page now! Remember to choose which of our appeals you’d like the money to go towards and set your fundraising target to £280. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact Tina Hawke on 023 8070 6095 or at [email protected]