Nick's full story here.

Nick White has lived most of his life with a dilated cardiomyopathy of the left ventricle, which is a complex issue that effects the muscular fidelity of your heart. Although Nick has had to fight an incredibly tough battle over the past 14 years, his resolute attitude and courage has seen his heart health improve with his condition now categorised as a "mild heart condition". This means that Nick is able too and can feel safe in returning to his exercise habits, which are of course vital to preventing and controlling heart conditions.

Nick's story is one of incredible inspiration and should be told to help inspire young people suffering with long term cardiac problems. It's vital to share stories for this exact reason and we commend Nick for doing so.

Not only is his this story inspiring to those who read it, but for those who know Nick, it's even more powerful. 

That's why friends and family, along with Abbey Sprays Ltd, are holding a Christmas Raffle to raise funds for Wessex Heartbeat. With prevention heading the charity's current efforts, Nick's story is one that really speaks to the message that the charity believes in and works towards spreading.

This isn't Abbey Sprays first time fundraising for Wessex Heartbeat either, with their director David and good friend Samantha raising £2000 for doing a month sober. A fantastic achievement which of course they are aiming to surpass this time.

You can read about Nick's story, support the fundraising efforts and find out how to take part in the raffle here.

You can also donate or get more information from their FacebookWebsite, or Instagram.