With the devastating effects that COVID-19 has had on UK charities, with estimates of £4 billion to be lost in income across the UK charity sector; The 2.6 Challenge allows you to continue your support for the local charities that need your help now, more than ever. 

Created for people of all ages and abilities, this initiative was created as a response from the organisers of some of the biggest mass-participation sports events across the world. 

The Challenge 

The challenge is very simple - all it requires is that you think of an activity that is related to the number 26 (or 2.6) that would suit your skills or situation. Once you have decided what your activity will be, you then complete it on or from Sunday 26 April. 

Just like the conception of this challenge, we are all forced to use our imagination in these strange and difficult times, so don't let any excuses stop you from participating! 

There are absolutely no rules, you can do absolutely anything as long as it relates to the numbers - the main thing is taking part and getting active in support of the charities that need you now more than ever. Obviously it's important to follow any Government Guidelines on how to exercise safely during lockdown so be sure to check those out if you are unsure. 

For extended details on the initiative, you can download the factsheet here. 

How you can help Wessex Heartbeat 

Although the main priority of this challenge is to ensure that people have fun, stay active and keep occupied; it's also important that we create a way for you to continue supporting Wessex Heartbeat 

Through this initiative we urge anybody who has come up with an activity idea or a way to improvise with what we currently have, to create a fundraising pageon our website and put #twopointsix challenge somewhere in your page's title. Here you can share your idea with others, help inspire friends and family to get involved and also help raise money for Wessex Heartbeat. We will also be sure to share your page too! 

If you'd rather do your activity and send a simple pledge to Wessex Heartbeat instead, then you can do that too! Either take a look at our fundraising pages to see if anyone is trying to raise money with their activity, and show them some love! or just donate straight to Wessex Heartbeat. 

Where your money will go 

As our supporters know, Wessex Heartbeat spends its funds on supporting and improving the Wessex Cardiac Centre, helping keep it as one of the leading Cardiac Centres in the world. 

We also run Heartbeat House for relatives of patients being treated across the road at the Wessex Cardiac Centre. 

With the current circumstances forcing everybody to think of a bigger picture, Wessex Heartbeat were forced to close Heartbeat House for the first time. It was a hugely difficult choice for us to make, but the safety of the vulnerable patients being treated at the Wessex Cardiac Centre had to take priority. 

Especially in times like these, when the world seems to pause for everyone, it does the opposite for our incredible workers in the NHS. For this reason, we have ensured that Heartbeat House still helps those in need by offering it as a place of respite for those workers who are forced to work such long and gruelling hours. 

Your support during this time allows Wessex Heartbeat to continue supporting the NHS, the Cardiac Centre and our local community. With events scheduled and likely to be postponed/cancelled, your support now allows us to continue and honour future projects and funding to improve cardiac care in the Wessex Region.