Wessex Heartbeat has joined forces with Southampton Sailing Week (16 to 18 September) in a bid to get people heart healthy and raise money 

The charity is sponsoring the City Cup, which takes place on the first day of the regatta, and will have two yachts in the competition.  

Wessex Heartbeat CEO John Munro says the move is all about raising awareness of the charity, as well as encouraging people to take part in sport.  

“The benefits of exercise to heart health are huge and, with the charity working increasingly at the preventative end of heart disease, we’re encouraging everyone to get more active. Sailing is a sport that some people might not have considered and we hope it’ll inspire people who perhaps aren’t a fan of the usual running or gym classes.” 

John Munro, CEO Wessex Heartbeat

Wessex Heartbeat will sell places on its two City Cup boats in order to raise money for the charity. It will also see its logo proudly flying on the City Cup flags – something John says he hopes will give the charity even more visibility and encourage people to donate.  

Chris Rees, organiser of Southampton Sailing Week, says he’s thrilled to see Wessex Heartbeat beating the drum for the sport of sailing.

“We’re all about getting more people on the water. Considering the fact we’re surrounded by the blue stuff, there are so many people in Southampton who have never tried sailing.  Events like Southampton Sailing Week exist to get people out trying this exciting sport and, hopefully, inspiring them to take it up as a new hobby.”

Chris Rees

Places on Wessex Heartbeat’s boats in the City Cup are being sold for £300. The money will be used to fund the charity’s important work in the community, including its Heartbeat House which is a real lifeline for the families of patients undergoing heart surgery at the Wessex Cardiac Centre at Southampton General Hospital.