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Big Impact for Little Hearts - 3D Modelling Software for Children with Congenital Heart Disease



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Sponsor a 3D Heart and Change a Child's life

"This 3D printing of the children's hearts, is a truly fantastic addition to the congenital heart disease treatment pathway in children. These models give us enhanced levels of information unseen before in our diagnostic process allowing our surgeons to personalise treatment further, ensuring that we know exactly what they are dealing with before reaching the operating theatre" Nicola Viola Congenital Cardiac Surgeon

Sponsor a 3D Heart and Change a Child's life

Wessex Heartbeat have funded and continuing to fund the UK's first specialist 3D cardiac modelling software to be situated at the Wessex Cardiac Centre in Southampton General Hospital.

It allows our surgeons to get an accurate 3D printed model our children's heart before surgery, to provide additional insight and improving peace of mind to the patients and their families.

The 3D technology is said to encourage less evasive, and more accurate, pre-operative planning for surgery on children with congenital heart disease.

The models produced will be an exact replica of the patient’s heart, and will offer an in-depth look at the organ, including any tiny imperfections that may have originally been missed.

The use of this new and cutting-edge technology means that surgeons can meticulously plan any operations necessary and completely minimise the number of invasive operations and procedures that the child will undergo throughout his or her life.

It costs just over £600 for each printed 3D heart; we are looking for for you to sponsor the £600 to be part of this unique service.

This can be a one-off donation of £600, or £50 for 12 months or £25 for 24 months, or £10 for 60 months.

You will become part of our special donor recognition programme and will receive your very own 3D printed crystal heart to have pride of place at home or work.

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