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Heartbeat House makes all the difference. As a carer im allowed to stay with my son during the day (not just at visiting hours) and being "on hand" if he needed me during the night gaves us both reassurance due to being only 3 minutes away.

Rosemary - Reading

Heartbeat House made a very difficult time much more less stressful and I had further support I felt I could ask for.

Marian - Guernsey

Easy access to the hospital and reassurance for my wife that Heartbeat House was there.

Andy - Havant

A last minute accommodation decision for my son and wife to stay in Heartbeat House which made being near easier to access the hospital.

Jahid - Oxford

So close to the hospital so took the anxiety away of being too far in case something happened.

Carole - Broughton

Heartbeat makes a huge difference. We were so close to the hospital and had everything we needed at Heartbeat House

Tina - Guernsey

Travelling from Selsey, it would not be possible to get to the hospital through the traffic if there was an emergency.


Living over 50 miles away, it was amazing to be able to be close and have somewhere that is not far from the hospital.


Heartbeat House made all the difference. Easier access to the hospital, saves time and money

Verzhinia - High Wycombe

One less thing to think about. A place to stay and ideal location for hospital. Would certainly recommend Heartbeat House to anyone!

James - Leighton Buzzard

Heartbeat made a difficult situation less stressful. We are extremely grateful to all at Heartbeat for providing such a lovely place to stay. The team are wonderful, amazing people.

Jennifer - Guernsey

As a non car driver, visiting would have been limited. My husband needed me close so to use Heartbeat House made a difference.

Jennifer - Poole
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