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Heartbeat House

"One of the toughest parts of going through a major heart or cardiovascular medical procedure is the way in which your family and friends can visit you."

It’s no secret that the emotional impact of living with a heart problem is huge, so the importance of your friends and family being there during this time for support and love is massive. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from sudden cardiac complications when very far from home, making support from friends and family difficult and sometimes impossible.

Heartbeat House has 23 bedrooms, 10 twins and 13 single. The communal areas are comfortable and provide a "Home from Home" feel, whilst being a 3 minute walk from the cardiac wards.

The lounge looks out onto a lovely restful garden. Guests can relax, watch television and give each other mutual support. There is a large kitchen offering all the facilities and a separate laundry room.

Heartbeat House is staffed all year round to help anybody in their time of need, creating a reassurance for patients and their relatives that cannot be measured. 

It is not uncommon for guests to arrive at the house unexpectedly, meaning they will be lacking of all the basic essentials needed for their stay. We ensure these essentials are provided. 

Wessex Heartbeat receives no Government or Statutory funding to run this service and so rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to keep it going.

Who can stay? 

  • Relatives/friends of cardiac patients

  • Relatives' friends with children


How much are the rooms? 

Guests stay free in Heartbeat House for the period they require the accommodation. A £35 non-refundable key deposit is required by cash or card when you check-in and we gratefully accept donations from those wishing to donate.

Guest Check-in 

Monday to Friday: 9am to 3.30pm

Weekends: 10am to 1.00pm


Contact numbers:

Monday to Friday: 02380 390548

Weekends: 07596 219574

 Guests are able stay at the House for as long as they need to, at no extra cost.

The running costs for the house, its facilities and all of its bedrooms total to around £87,000 a year and is a service that continues to provide innovative support and comfort for anybody who needs it. 

All bookings are managed through the Wessex Cardiac Centre and will be organised after admission to the hospital.

As we rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep the House functioning all year round, we created the Adopt-A-Room initiative to help people decide on their route of support. Using the Adopt-A-Room initiative, you can support one of Heartbeat House's bedrooms for an entire year to ensure that it is available and kept to a pristine condition for maximum guest comfort. Costing £300 per year (or £25 per month) to adopt the room, you will receive a stylish framed acknowledgment on the wall outside the bedroom. You can even add a personalised message if you wish.

You can give to Heartbeat House by adopting a room or simply donating what you can by clicking the buttons below.

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