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Explain My Procedures



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A series of animated videos explaining cardiac procedures for patients in their own home before admission to hospital

Undergoing heart surgery can be a daunting time for patients, with so many questions being asked about their cardiac journey. This series of informative videos will substantially improve the patients' understanding of what lies ahead for them and will provide peace of mind and reassurance.

Explainmyprocedure videos are designed for the patient and their family members to watch as many times as needed, in the comfort of their own home.  The videos cover not only the details of what the procedure involves but also any risks, the benefits and alternative treatments.

“I found the short video very informative and reassuring.  It clearly identifies the risks whilst showing me the procedure and most importantly the benefits of stents” Mark Cooper (patient)

The video was watched by Mark in the comfort of his own home and explained in simplistic terms the proposed procedure to insert stents into the narrowed heart arteries that would be performed on by Mark by Dr James Wilkinson.

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