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Skinflint Rally

19 Sept 2024

A driving endurance challenge that takes on some of the best driving roads that Europe has to offer

What is the Skinflint Rally?

The Skinflint Rally is a driving challenge (NOT A RACE) that takes you on some of the best driving roads Europe has to offer. It is an opportunity to make new friends and socialise in an environment you wouldn't usually do. This is a great weekend away seeing scenery you wouldn't normally see on the average holiday, but what makes it extraordinary is that you are supporting an extraordinary charity too.

This is a fundraising event where each team has a minimum of £500 fundraising commitment to their chosen charity. Please note: this is a self-funded event

What is involved?

  • You buy a vehcile worth no more than £500*

  • Decorate it in a cool and unique way

  • Insure it

  • Set up your justgiving page

  • Organise your team

  • DRIVE!!

*£500 is purchase price, there is no limit on modifications to ensure the vehicle is safe and legal

What does it cost?

The cost to book on to the rally is £75 per person.

You will receive your very own Skinflint Rally T-Shirt, Pin Badge, Sticker Pack for the car, Drivers guides, routes and challenges, the award ceremony on the Saturday Night and the full support and guidance from the organising team and what's app group of past and new participants. You will also receive your own Heartbeat team pack as well.

Any other costs?

As this is a self-funded challenge, you will need to take into account the following:

  • Ferry / Tunnel crossing - Approximately £100 per vehicle

  • Hotels - you book your own accommodation based on your budget. in this years locations, hotels can be found for anything from £50 per room based on 2 sharing.

  • Car insurance - This varies depending on so many factors. There are specialist companies who will insure a car specifically for the rally which brings the cost down. (speak to the Skinflint team directly)

  • Fuel - This depends on the engine size, fuel economy of the car. A 2.0hdi will be cheaper to run than a 3.0V6

  • Food / Drinks - Usual weekend away costs

  • Tools - depending on the route you take there may be tolls to pay. We are skinflints though and try to avoid these as much as possible!

What happens at the end?

Once the awards are presented on the Saturday night, the rally is over.

There are plenty of options as to what you want to do next. Some examples below:

  • Drive home Sunday morning, catch the last ferry out of Calais

  • Scrap the car in Barcelona and fly home

  • Stay a few more days, make a trip of it

  • Enjoy a bit more of Europe and have a road trip back over a few days.

How do I raise money?

There are so many ways to raise money to reach and go above your minimum fundraising amount of £500. below are a few ways to help you out:

Sell sponsorship on the car - Business will pay good money to have their logo on your ca, also shout them out on your social media platforms and tag them in. As you are driving the car around for promoting what you are doing, it shows people who's sponsored too.

Take the car to events - Have a QR code on the car for people to scan and donate to your JustGiving page.

Shout about what you are doing! - people love the fact you're doing something a little more unique for charity and want to be involved.

Do Challenges - Example: donate £50 and i'll pose on the roof of the car with a pink rose in my mouth! Yes this has been done before!

Ask for a small donation for people to sign their name, or write a message on the car.

So many different ways to bring in donations to help you reach above and beyond your target.

How do I find out more or to book in?

Contact the Skinflint team directly on:


Insta: Skinflint_Rally


Phone / Whats app: Al Collins on 07702 319693


Time and Location

Thursday, 19 September 2024 at 03:30



Sunday, 22 September 2024 at 16:30

Barcelona Road Trip

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