Callum Munro

With the current circumstances causing a ripple effect through the charity sector, as well as effecting the use of Heartbeat House; it's important that we continue supporting these projects so that our community can be supported no matter what.

Whilst the World has seemed to stop recently, the care and attention that cardiac patients require hasn't. It costs £240 to "Adopt-A-Room" at Heartbeat House for an entire year, I am looking to raise £300 to do this and more.

Step-Tember is an excellent initiative to make sure we are getting out the house and staying active during times when that has been difficult or even impossible. It's also a fantastic way to get into fundraising and support your local charities that need you more than ever. I will be trying to walk 70km a week (10km a day).

If you would rather fundraise yourself instead of giving, you can find out more info about Step-Tember here -

WEEK 1 - For the first week of Step-Tember, I was in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, doing the scenic NC500. There were tonnes of wonderful trails and hills to climb, making the first week's goal an easy smash.
WEEK 1 RESULTS - 84km/70km

Callum Munro