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Heart Attack Experience: A Personal Story of Support and Care

(Claire and Paul Rogers)

Paul was a cardiac patient in ICU in Guernsey when he was told he would be travelling to the University Hospital Southampton to be treated for a heart attack. Paul and his wife Claire, were provided with a pack that contained lots of information for relatives about the hospital in Southampton, which included places to stay. Heartbeat House was listed as one of the facilities available.

"The information provided was excellent as it took the worry out of the situation" Claire mentioned

Claire continued "Heartbeat House is an excellent facility, very close to the hospital and immaculately presented. As I had arrived on a Sunday, I made a quick phone call to the Manager. She met me, showed me around, and gave me a key. At this point, I wasn’t sure how long I would be staying. It turned out to be only one night, but I was able to go back and forth to the hospital at my leisure to support my husband without the worry of finding accommodation at short notice."

Paul commented "I felt that the staff, facilities, and treatment were absolutely faultless. When you have a sudden shock like a heart attack and air ambulance, you feel totally vulnerable. All the staff with whom I came into contact with were caring and skilled, which allayed my fears"

Once received treatment from the Wessex Cardiac Unit at the University Hospital Southampton, Paul and Claire were advised that the heart attack had started to come on slowly over a period of about 10 days.

Having got over the initial shock of this happening to someone so fit and healthy, they are moving on and trying to live our lives to the full. Following the completion of a six-week rehabilitation program, which included gym work and information sessions, Paul can now step up his exercise, and he is back playing walking football twice a week.

Oh behalf of all the team at Heartbeat, we wish Paul and Claire all the best for the future and thank you to Claire for helping fundraise for us.

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