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A Day in the Life....Eliza Thomson

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

A Day in the Life of Eliza Thomson, Studio Manager and Personal Trainer at Brightside Personal Training, Southampton

Like any perfect day, it begins with coffee, I mean water!

In order to keep my clients highly motivated, on top of their goals and making good decisions, I need to be continuously pushing myself, making good decisions daily and keeping myself balanced.

The alarm goes off at around 4:30am-5am (don't worry, I am in bed by 9pm) within minutes I will be sipping coffee, checking over the diary for a day, doing some basic admin. This includes scoping out my day to see where are my breaks, who do I need to contact and mapping out my intentions for the day in my journal. A bowl of hearty porridge oats is consumed, another coffee (this time for the road) and it's straight to the gym.

I am very lucky to have spent the last decade coaching individuals to become the best version of themselves. Every day, I enter into an exciting new challenge. I can be working with a client who is training towards a seven day 'Ultra Marathon Foot Race', who is suffering with an injury, then straight on to a client who is starting their health and fitness journey. So with them, I would be discussing how best we can start to introduce some marginal gains to improve their health.

By 10am-11am, the first run of my clients are complete and its time time to eat, jump on to the laptop (well, not literally) to do some admin and maybe (probably) drink more coffee!

I get my ten to twenty minutes natural daylight, as I head over to the coffee shop where most of the staff know my order, which I'm sure is not a good thing! A prepped healthy lunch is then consumed and its back to one or two clients in the gym.

When I am not physically with clients, (which is usually thirty hours of 1-1 coaching a week) I am mentoring new trainers, engaging with our online community, in meetings discussing new business ideas/opportunities, sharing health and fitness related content and posting pictures of my food.

Early afternoon, its time to exercise before the busy rush at 5pm-6pm. I can workout in a quiet gym with all the retired folk and have a peaceful workout.

I consider myself very lucky to work for BrightsidePT, our coaches are extremely passionate and we treat our clients like family members. We are currently delivering around 600 hours of 1-1 coaching a month and our mission is to reach 1,000 clients a month, changing lives, making an impact and aiming to make Hampshire the healthiest County!

Why not head over to our online Facebook community where you will be sure of a warm welcome as your fitness journey begins!

Eliza Thomson

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