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Creative Memory Makers: Crafting for a Cause

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Creative Memory Makers, a close-knit craft group, doesn't just come together to create beautiful photo scrapbooks; they also have a strong commitment to giving back to their community. This group of friends meet monthly to indulge in their love for crafting, and once a year, they embark on a crafting retreat that blends creativity with charity work. This year, the group dedicated their crafting retreat to support Heartbeat, a Southampton-based charity.

The annual crafting retreat, this year held in Bournemouth, is a cherished tradition for the Creative Memory Makers. During these three days of artistic exploration and bonding, they select a local charity to support wholeheartedly. This year, their choice fell on Heartbeat, helping to support Heartbeat’s dedication to raising awareness of heart health, as well as funding initiatives for the prevention, rehabilitation, and cure of heart diseases and supporting patients from across the country.

The retreat's activities were based on Heartbeat and matters of the heart, as participants adorned themselves in all shades of pink, red, and hearts. The crafters' enthusiasm and creativity went beyond their craft projects, extending to their charitable efforts.

Mary Miell, a member of the group, shared their remarkable achievement: "There were 17 of us this year who raised an amazing £257.50 in total over the three days. My sister Sharon Bettridge and I also sold some of the Christmas cards to friends beforehand, raising an additional £66.30, taking the full total to £323.80."

The Creative Memory Makers organised a raffle, with the proceeds and prizes donated by the group members. They also sold Heartbeat Christmas raffle tickets and cards, which were warmly received by their supporters.

Mark Ind, Heartbeat's CEO, said: "We are so grateful to the wonderful group of friends at Creative Memory Makers who have chosen Heartbeat as the group's charity of choice. It means so much, and the money will go directly into supporting patients and their families."

If you're interested in your own fundraising project or want to learn more about charitable giving, please do get in touch with Heartbeat’s Community Fundraising & Marketing Manager or visit the website

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