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Dan Askham's Story

I am running the MK Marathon on May 6th 2019!


Dan Askham in hospital

Having been born with a defective heart and losing my mother and grandfather to heart disease, cardiac departments have become a large part of my entire life.

I myself have always kept fit and led an active lifestyle despite having a heart that never functioned to its full potential as a valve never developed inside.

In June 2017 I had surgery to install a mechanical valve to stop back flow in to my heart and reduce the size of my heart which had enlarged due to over compensation for the defective valve.

During this time Wessex Heartbeat offered my partner accommodation right next to the hospital, for as long as I was under care of the hospital. The accommodation is provided for a small charitable donation and a room is provided as long as is needed. Wessex heartbeat also use their donations to provide equipment and services for the cardiac department.

I want to run this marathon to help provide this service for all who will need it in the future and right now. Loved ones in hospital is stressful enough, let alone being financially impaired by hotel stays and feeling guilty that you can't be there all the time. Wessex Heartbeat remove that worry with their accommodation, along with life saving equipment and surrounding yourself with people in the same situation, further reducing stress levels.

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