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How we help

Support we provide

For 30 years, Wessex Heartbeat have been vastly improving the cardiac care in the Wessex Region and assisting the Wessex Cardiac Centre in becoming the world class centre it is today.

With survival rates at the Wessex Cardiac Centre soaring, we now must take it upon ourselves to ensure that every stage of cardiac healthcare is looked after, researched and improved.

Take a look at what kind of support we are investing our supporters money into.

Heartbeat House is staffed all year round to help anybody in their time of need, creating a reassurance for patients and their relatives that cannot be measured. 


Invite one of our speakers to your meeting and learn more about what Wessex Heartbeat has to offer people affected by heart conditions


Read about Wessex Heartbeat's emphasis on preventative work in the community.


With the experience of Cardiac Nurses, we offer a tailor made, cardiac health consultation service for employees.

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