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Ryan Marshall's story

Ryan in hospital

At just 6 months old, Ryan Marshall was rushed into the Wessex Cardiac Centre in a horrifying ordeal, that ended with him having open heart surgery and spending time at the paediatric Ocean Ward. His family were fortunate enough to find some sort of respite in the form of Heartbeat House, whilst he was being looked after by the cardiac team at the Southampton General Hospital.

Now 6 years old, Ryan and his family can look back on these terrible times with a more positive outlook; the celebration that Ryan was able to be so strong, and that the his family were able to rally around and be strong for him, in his time of need.

As well as an annual check up that Ryan undertakes at the centre, his family make the long trip from Bournemouth and some even from Poland, to come back to visit the Ocean Ward and Heartbeat House on 15th January (the day of Ryan's operation). They will be sure to check in and see that they can offer some support in the form of buying items or making a donation; and they make their thanks very much known.

Being able to meet Daniel and Barbara (Ryan's parents); plus Halina and Ludwik (Ryan's Grandparents), was very special and it was even more special to meet the brave boy who fought courageously through this hardship - Ryan.

An incredible family that just solidifies why we do the work that we do, and inspires us to continue on, improving the cardiac care in the region and spreading awareness of these awful cardiac diseases and complications.

Ryan's family

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