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Southampton Cardiac Patients Benefit from New Initiative

Wessex Heartbeat has helped a Southampton man to become one of the first in the region to benefit from a new initiative, which ensures all cardiac patients are fully informed about their procedures.

Mark Cooper (57) was shown a series of animated videos from the multi award winning Explainmyprocedure, after Wessex Heartbeat sponsored a five-year-license to introduce the resource to the Wessex Cardiac Unit at University Hospital Southampton (UHS).

“I found the short video very informative and reassuring. It clearly identifies the risks whilst showing the procedure and most importantly the benefits of stents."

Mark went on to say "I am keen on outdoor pursuits including running and cycling and at 57 years of age didn’t want to find my activities curbed for the rest of my life and replaced with a cocktail of medication. After only a few days following the procedure I have been able to comfortably start walking and see a path back to a normal life."

The high-quality video was watched by Mark in the comfort of his own home. The video explained in simplistic terms the proposed procedure to insert stents into the narrowed heart arteries, that would be performed on Mark by Dr James Wilkinson.

"The video certainly gave me the reassurance I needed and a clear understanding of what to expect.”

The videos cover not only details of what the procedure involves but also any risks, the benefits and any alternative treatments.

Dr James said: “Thanks to Wessex Heartbeat, these simple, well made, information videos will substantially improve patient care at the University Hospital Southampton."

“Not only are they an important resource for the patient, but they can also be watched with relatives at home as many times as needed, providing peace of mind and reassurance ahead of what can often be a difficult time.

“Mark also commented that the videos were clear and helpful and were especially valuable at a time when clinic appointments are restricted due to COVID.” - Dr James Wilkinson

Explainmyprocedure is the brainchild of Professor David Wald, a consultant interventional cardiologist in London. Professor Wald, with the help of full-time dedicated IT experts, designed the set of animation videos to provide vital information alongside the other information provisions available.

John Munro, CEO of Wessex Heartbeat said: “Undergoing heart surgery can be a daunting time for our patients. However, with these informative, easy-to-digest videos – as well as the incredible care of Southampton’s dedicated cardiac team – we are confident that patients will go into their procedure reassured and with a much better understanding.

“We are extremely grateful for the hard work done at the Wessex Cardiac Unit and feel honoured that we can support them with initiatives such as this.”

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